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Channel K with Daw Ohn Mar Myo

Channel K interviewed Daw Ohn Mar Myo, who participated in Bagan UNESCO project as a National Project offer, regarding Irrawaddy Dolphin. Watch the Clip.

Date: 07th Sep 2020

Channel K Interview

Channel K interviewed with Irrawaddy Dolphin Awareness Campaigner Nyein Zaw Ko on campaign activities and the plan ahead. Watch the Clip.

Daate: 25th August 2020

Interview with MNTV

MNTV Channel on conditions of Irrawaddy Dolphins conservation during Covid-19. Watch the Clip.

Date: 05th August 2020

News Articles

How Positive Rebranding Triggered A Public Outcry to Save Critically Endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins in Myanmar

This opinion piece, written by Mr. Nyein Zaw Ko, managing director of "Save Irrawaddy Dolphin" campaign is published by the Change Magazine. The article discussed in detail how the psychological rebranding of the Irrawaddy dolphin as a National Treasure produced a tangible conservation impact in the field.

Read Full Article Here

7DAYS NEWs: Listing the culture of Cooperative Fishing as UNIESCO World Heritage Campaign

7Days News publish an article about the interview with Ko Nyein Zar Ko regarding the petition to enlist the cooperative fishing culture between Irrawaddy Dolphins & Myanmar Fishermen to be part of UNESCO's World Heritage. View the full article here.

Published Date: 17th August 2020
Photo Credit: WCS

7DAYS NEWs: Time to Protect Living National Treasure

There has been a new record of Irrawaddy dolphin highest death rate. Total number of seven Irrawaddy dolphin died this half year. it been quite a concerned Irrawaddy dolphins since they are endangered species. Causes of death are varies either due to human act or natural causes, at least four to six dolphins died every year. View the full article here.

Published Date: 30th August 2020
An Irrawaddy dolphin breaches in the Mekong River. Photo: WWF

COCONUT YANGONS: Time to Protect Living National Treasure

The deaths of a number of Irrawaddy dolphins killed by illicit electro-fishing has led to renewed calls from the public and celebs for their protection.

Although electrifying water to stun fish is illegal, no one has been arrested after five dead animals turned up in recent weeks, leading to public outcry over the harm done to the dolphins which inhabit the river from which they get their name, as well as the Mekong River and other coastal areas. View the full article here.

Published Date: 18th August 2020