About Us


To the Nature Lovers and Conservationists, Our natural world is under more threats than ever. Nature Advocacy pledges to enhance public awareness of today's critically important environmental issues, and educate people to make conscious eco-friendly decisions and lifestyle choices. We work closely with educators, influencers, conservation NGOs, volunteers, and government organizations to raise awareness about these issues, inspire and educate the next generation conservation leaders, and support on the ground conservation works by organizing volunteering and fundraising initiatives.


Nature Advocacy Group was founded by enthusiastic conservationists, activists, and volunteers who were passionate about saving the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins from Myanmar. Since then, the group has grown to over 1600 volunteers. We are currently advocating for the recognition of "Cooperative Fishing" culture between the Irrawaddy dolphins and the local fishermen as UNESCO's "World Natural Heritage". We also conduct fundraising initiatives to support local river patrol groups and to promote ecotourism initiatives.


Nyein Zaw Ko

Founder and Managing Director

Nyein Zaw Ko is the founder of Nature Advocacy and managing director of the "Save Irrawaddy Dolphin" online campaign. After graduating from the Bucknell University with a dual degree in bioengineering and business management, Nyein gained extensive market research experience in Myanmar's consumer product sector. Since 2019 he's been collaborating with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to conduct consumer surveys on dolphin tours.

Thiha Zaw

Co-founder and Campaign Leader

Thiha Zaw, is the current head of marketing and business development manager from VDB Loi Law and Advisory Firm, and the primary host of a TV program, "Let's Go with Thiha" show. He was selected by Telenor's 'Youth Forum' to represent Myanmar at the 2018 Nobel Prize awards ceremony and worked extensively on civil rights projects with youth from all over the world. Thiha Zaw leads the Nature Advocacy's Creative Design Hub, consisting of young passionate graphic designers

Htet Wa Na

Co-founder and Campaign Leader

Htet Wa Na joined as a campaign leader of the "Save Irrawaddy Dolphin" online campaign to educate students and young adults about the importance of Irrawaddy dolphins. He studied Environmental Engineering at Nagoya University and has been working as an environmental engineer in the field of construction. He is also a well-known author of environmental literature with extensive publications on reputable sites.

Tun Lin

Donor Relations Representative

Tun Lin first joined the Nature Advocacy as a volunteer before taking on the role as the fundraising manager and donor relations representative. Having worked as an ecotourism guide on dolphin watching tours, he has extensive first-hand knowledge about the life of dolphins and traditional cast-net fishermen who relies on fishing with dolphins to make their ends meet. Because of this, he has tremendous passion to save the dolphins and help the fishing communities along the Irrawaddy river.