Save Irrawaddy Dolphin Week 2020

Save Irrawaddy Dolphin Week 2020

This nation-wide social media event, held in collaboration with WWF, FFI, BANCA, Save The Trees, and Green Age Film Production, reached out to million social media users in Myanmar and raised awareness about the importance of freshwater conservation works. Various activities, such as art, slogan, story competitions are held. Necessary funds are raised through generous donations and selling merchandises. Talks and panel discussions are held online and they quickly become very popular among university students and animal lovers alike. Most importantly, more than 20,000 signatures were collected for a petition to the government of Myanmar to increase the protect level of freshwater habitats and to apply Irrawaddy Dolphins as 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' (ICH element) under the UNESCO convention.

Impacts on the Ground

1 million confirmed reach, 200,000 engagements from official pages in addition to a substantial press and media coverage in Myanmar

More than 20,000 signatures were collected for the petition

Discussion Panel with leading conservationists from Myanmar is the main event that attracted more than 100 university students and activists

Owning to the surging popularity of the dolphins, major business enterprises are directly associating their brands with the dolphins to increase brand equity, thereby giving more reach to the campaign