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Our Mission

Nature Advocacy fights to defend, protect, and preserve natural habitats and biodiversity in Myanmar

Our natural world is under more threats than ever. Nature Advocacy pledges to enhance public awareness of today's critically important environmental issues, and educate people to make conscious eco-friendly decisions and lifestyle choices. We work closely with educators, influencers, conservation NGOs, volunteers, and government organizations to raise awareness about these issues, inspire and educate the next generation conservation leaders, and support on the ground conservation works by organizing volunteering and fundraising initiatives.

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Are you prepared for a future without Irrawaddy dolphins?

The lovely Irrawaddy Dolphin sub population living in the Irrawaddy river are critically endangered, currently numbering only about 70 individuals. Lawless electrofishing, pollution, tangling in fishing nets, and habitat destruction are threatening the long term survival of the rare dolphins. Since time immemorial, The intelligent dolphins are the only population of Irrawaddy dolphins to help local fishermen increase the catch through "Cooperative Fishing", a unique culture only observed in Myanmar......

Latest News

Over 20,000 signatures were collected for a petition to the State Counsellor

A petition to the Myanmar government was made by the Nature Advocacy to not only demand an increased level of protection to Irrawaddy dolphins but also apply them as an "Intangible Cultural Heritage" (ICH element) under the UNESCO convention. This petitioned, signed by over 20,000 Myanmar citizens, is successfully submitted to the State Counsellor's Office, the President's Office, and the Parliament in early January, highlighting the overwhelming political will from the public to save this iconic species. Your voice matters!

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All over the world, there are ordinary people doing extraordinary things for our planet. At World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), they are called 'Planet Heroes'. The leaders of the "Save Irrawaddy Dolphin Online Campaign" were featured by WWF-Myanmar as "Planet Heroes" for their remarkable work on biodiversity conservation in Myanmar.

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From "Big Catch" to "National Treasure"

How to use a positive brand association to save an endangered species

This thought-provoking article from the campaign director, Nyein Zaw Ko, of Nature Advocacy details the underlying strategy of "Save Irrawaddy Dolphin" Campaign and reveals their key secrets for a successful conservation campaign. The article encompasses how well-established marketing and branding principles are applied to dolphin conservation for a noteworthy impact. The campaign is being featured by University of Oxford, Department of Biolody, Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) as a case-study so that other aspiring activists and conservationists around the world can learn his ground-breaking idea.

Read the original article

Our Ongoing Campaign to Protect Nature

Economic relief for 'cooperative fishermen' during COVID-19 travel restrictions

Selling dolphin sculptures and other souvenirs, handcrafted by 'Cooperative Fishermen' who lived and fished with dolphins for their whole lives. The proceeds are used to support them during the pandemic, create alternative income to discourage electric fishing and to fund other conservation activities.

Operation NO Release: removing invasive fish species from Irrawaddy river

Working with the Department of Fishery, Myanmar to spread awareness on social media about the dangers of invasive species to aquarium owners and fish keepers with an aim of discouraging them from releasing imported fish species into natural habitats. Aid fishermen to destroy them when caught as a bycatch.

Selling branded merchandise to encourage plastic-free lifestyle choices

Proudly show to your friends and colleagues that you are a responsible Irrawaddy dolphin protecter by using these dolphin-branded plastic-free items . All the proceeds from this fundraising sale will be used to fund impactful educational programs, field survey, or ground conservation activities.

Our Nature - Our Future: re-establishing a connection with nature in children

Our NATURE - Our FUTURE program aims to educate children, students, and young adults about the responsibility for nature conservation and eco-friendly lifestyle choices, establishing a commitment to adopt environmentally friendly decision making in their mindset at a young age.

Nature Advocacy in Action

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Press & Media

Channel K with Daw Ohn Mar Myo

Channel K interviewed Daw Ohn Mar Myo, who participated in Bagan UNESCO project as a National Project offer, regarding Irrawaddy Dolphin. Watch the Clip.

Date: 07th Sep 2020

Channel K Interview

Channel K interview with Irrawaddy Dolphin Awareness Campaigner Nyein Zaw Ko on campaign activities and the plan ahead. Watch the Clip.

Date: 25th Aug 2020.

7Days News Article

The article "Time to Protect Living National Treasure" by 7Days News stated There has been a new record of Irrawaddy dolphin highest death rate. Read Full Article here:

Published Date: 30th Jul 2020

Irrawaddy Dolphins - Myanmar's latest UNESCO Heritage Site?

DVB interview on Reducing Air Pollution

Watch Full clip here

Date: 14th Oct 20

Yangon Air Quality ranks poorly among world cities

Read full article here

Date: 25th Nov 20

Save Irrawaddy Dolphins Campaign Annual Report 2020.pdf



The latest progress about Save Irrawaddy Dolphin Campaign and our upcoming projects