#Stop Burning Trash

In terms of air pollution, Yangon was consistently ranked among the top 10 during winter and summer

In 2019, Yangon reached a grim milestone of world's top 10, when it comes to having the most polluted air in the urban areas. For months, it surpassed even the most notorious cities, such as Bejing or New Deli. AQI has reached red levels every morning from most of January to April 2020.

Yangon can be seen blanketed by haze generated from widespread trash burning in a summer evening

The habit of burning trash has become a serious issue in recent year. With traffic congestion exacerbating and industrial activities around Yangon increasing, burning trash is threatening to nudge Yangon's AQI numbers over the threshold.

Myanmar ranked third in South East Asia region when it comes to air pollution

Even without the outbreak of COVID-19 infections, WHO data from 2015 showed that upward of 22,000 people die every year in Myanmar due to air pollution. Prolong exposure to polluted air can cause stroke, cancer, heart disease, and other respiratory problems.

255 more people may die in coming 2 months due to air pollution

Under current COVID -19 infection rates, 255 more people may die from inhaling smoke by the end of November 2020 if no urgent action is taken to discourage burning trash among the public or curb emission from vehicles and industrial activities.