Our Bank account for wire transfers

CB Bank: Botahtaung Branch

Account No: 008,660,010,033,1007

Name: U Wai Phyo Aung+ U San Linn Oo

Fund Allocation Scheme

First Priority- Urgent and Important

Support for Patrol Groups - 40%

The most important and emergency process as of now is to reduce the deaths of Irrawaddy dolphins due to human factors.Therefore, the locals patrolling the area under the leadership of NGOs will be provided with equipment, travel costs and food. For the above process, 40% of the funds will be utilized.

Second Priority - Important but not Urgent

Promoting Ecotourism - 30%

Although patrolling is important for law enforcement and reducing the deaths of Irrawaddy dolphins, it cannot solve the fundamental problem of illegal fishing. We will implement environment-based travel which induces cash flow towards locals thereby raising awareness to preserve Irrawaddy Dolphins. Since there is a lack of foreign tourists in 2020, we will advertise the dolphin tours to local tourists through celebrities and influencers. For the above process, 30% of the funds will be utilized.

Third Priority - Urgent but not Important

Emergency Fund - 20%

It is essential to reserve a portion of the total fund to utilize in cases when an unforeseen circumstance surfaces during the campaign. A total of 20% is reserved as an emergency fund and it will be used at the discretion of the campaign leader, when the need arises.

Last priority - Not Urgent, not important

Campaign Expenses - 10%

Even though all the members of Nature Advocacy are volunteers, there are still expenses for running the ongoing campaign, website maintenance for petition, phone calls and internet use. Therefore, 10% of the funds will be utilized for the above processes.