Removing Invasive Species

Removing Suckermouth Armoured Catfishes from Irrawaddy River

This hardy South American Catfish has become a very aggressive species in Myanmar. The species is imported by aquariums and fish keepers and has invaded and proliferated in freshwater habitats of Myanmar since 2010. Tens of thousands of this fish is estimated to inhabit in the Irrawaddy river, causing significant damage to the local fisheries and other local species

Operation NO Release

Nature Advocacy is working with the 'Department of Fishery' to spread awareness about the danger of this particular species on social media. We are targeting our social media messages to aquarium owners and fish keepers to discourage them from releasing thm into natural habitats. On the ground, we are collaborating with 'Grow Back For Prosperity' and put a reward for this species, thereby encouraging fishermen who caught this species as bycatch to destroy them instead of releasing them back into the river